This is my like….4th attempt to post this. Maybe it will work.

This is my…456th? attempt to enter the blogging world. I have great intentions. I love blogs. I love book blogs, fitness blogs, food blogs, and quote blogs. Perhaps my blog will be something like that. In the past I’ve had trouble keeping up. But I hope to one day write things that people hold onto. Words that resonate within your soul and settle deep inside you. Words that really speak to you. What better way to practice than to write frequently? Perhaps in a blog?? For starters I’m going to try to post a book review EVERY Thursday. I figure Thursday is a good day because most new releases come out on Tuesdays, and maybe someone will venture by looking for a good book for the weekend. 🙂 Look for my first review this Thursday!



*People are the prettiest when they talk about something they really love with passion in their eyes.*


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