I Fail.

Don’t we all??

I have REALLY good intentions for this blog. For a lot of things. But I fail. I make plans and I don’t follow through. At least not the way I’d like sometimes. There are 100 excuses and things I can blame, but at the end of the day I need to own up and make a better plan for next time, right? I’m like the chronic dieter that falls off the wagon over and over again but one day, I’ll finally realize this is what I want and what I need to do, and I’ll get it done. Right? That’s how I see it anyways. Anyhow, one of my main goals in starting this blog was to have a place to practice writing, to get my thoughts out, and to start blogging my book reviews. I’ve done a little rambling and I think maybe 1 or 2 book reviews?? I have also promised more book reviews for each Thursday and I haven’t delivered. SO- I plan to review the two books I discussed reviewing a few weeks ago TOMORROW. On TUESDAY. Then Thursday I want to review The Breathing Series by Rebecca Donovan that I just finally jumped on the bandwagon and read, because they’re on sale through June!! SO Get them. $1.99 a piece. Then let me know what you think, or if you were able to sleep. Because I couldn’t. I had to know what was going to happen! Which sort of made me glad that I waited until they were all out. Anyhow, I apologize for my inconsistencies, and I’m not going to promise that I’ll get better right away, but I’m definitely working on it! I have a lot to learn. So tomorrow- Shine Not Burn and Mackenzie Fire by Elle Casey! Super hilarious reads. I’ll tell you my thoughts then!






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