Real People

You know what I love? Real people. People who are flawed and they’re not afraid of it. People who don’t try to hide behind false versions of themselves. People who help people. I have been so amazed lately as I have sort of stepped back and started watching the people around me more. The people at work who have shared some of their struggles with me, the ones that I know have struggled, but try to appear perfect. The people in my workout groups that have struggled to lose weight or have struggled to find a place they fit in and have found real, true friends in these classes, and the ones that come to class and watch themselves do their thing and think there’s nothing they need help on, they’re here to show us up. I’ve watched friends of friends who are so confident, and ones who are so insecure. I just love the realness in all of it. Even though it sucks to struggle, believe me, I’ve struggled plenty, there is so much to gain from our struggles. We learn so much when we fail or when something goes wrong, so there’s no reason to hide behind it. We need to use it and grow from it.


That’s all I have for tonight. Thanks for keeping it real!





2 thoughts on “Real People

  1. I like this. I think it takes a very special sort of individual to recognize and practice being real. It can be defined in so many ways but as long as your real to YOU that’s what matters most.

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