Where do I start??

Today is day four of my “mini vacation”. I didn’t go anywhere. I just took a few days off to relax a bit. You see I’ve been troubled recently with the nagging feeling of “burnout” I’m burnt out on everything. I don’t want to get up in the morning and go to work and chase the hamster wheel around and around. I don’t want to cook or clean or anything. I do want to write. But where do I start?? I’ve had this dream since I was a little girl to write books, but every time I try to start, I quit again. I don’t like the words I’m putting down. I don’t know how to put my thoughts into action. It’s so completely discouraging. So here I am, feeling sorry for myself and stuff. Surfing the internet, getting mad at facebook posts from family and friends and wondering, “just what am I doing with my life??” This isn’t the first time I’ve doubted myself and I know it won’t be the last. We live in a world of continual questions. Continual doubts. Does anyone wake up every morning feeling completely fulfilled and ready to tackle the world? Sure. I would venture to guess there are people who do, but not without working diligently to get there. So I’m going to keep reading, keep writing, and just keep working and maybe someday I will get where I want to be and I will feel peace getting up every morning to do what I love. Whether it be at my current day job or my dream job.


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