Sometimes the words don’t come.

Why did I start this blog?

I myself, am not quite sure of the answer to that question. I think I started it as a way to practice writing. Perhaps to reviews some books. Today I feel like just releasing some emotions. It is my blog after all.

I think a lot. My mind wanders from here to there and then, “SQUIRREL!”, back again. This trait could have the potential to make me a great writer, I think. That, of course, is my dream. But this trait also has the ability to squash my dreams by the amount of self doubt that harbors inside my brain, body, and soul. You see, I constantly think of ideas. “OOH that’s a great idea!” I usually write it down or run it by my friend Jennifer, and then I move on. Sometimes, I sit down to really elaborate on these ideas and I go completely blank. It’s so discouraging. I want to be able to put words to my thoughts and feelings. I have such great ideas and story lines in my head, why don’t the words come to me? I read on Colleen Hoover’s blog or Facebook page or something one time that one of the reasons she writes is because when she was younger, her older sister ALWAYS got the last word because she just couldn’t think of a come back as quick but she can write them down late and it’s awesome! I can definitely relate to that. My middle sister is very quick to the draw. She’s witty and wild and I always envied her ability to come back at me or anyone so readily. Currently, I am in the middle of some very trying times in my life. Not near as trying as many around me, but there are some difficult things happening. Writing is an excellent escape. Drama makes good fiction. But I. Can’t. Find. The. Words. Perhaps if I just keep writing away it will happen. SO yeah, that’s how I’m feeling now. & then some. But words, they aren’t there. It’s all fuzzied up in there. That’s a word, now. 🙂 Until next time.



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