It’s all yours.

Inspiration hits when you least expect it. Sometimes, it happens when you’re happy. When you’re in the midst of the greatest day of your life and it seems like nothing could ever be better. Sometimes, it hits when you’re sad. When you’re feeling helpless and hopeless and like the light at the end of the tunnel has been shut off. It can hit when you’re all alone, nostalgic and melancholy. Or, it can hit in a crowd of people in the middle of complete chaos. Sometimes, inspiration doesn’t come at all. You’re left wondering how long it will be until you can write your next words, sing your next note, draw your next picture. Artists of all kinds struggle with these unpredictable thoughts, unpredictable behaviors. You just never know where it will hit, when it will hit. But when it does, the only thing you should do is run with it. You take that little bit of inspiration where it sprouts and with no holds barred, you make a masterpiece of it. Your own little masterpiece to share or withhold until you’re ready. Either way, it’s all yours.