Happy New Year!

Here we are, January 5th. 5 days into our new year, new me plans, am I right?? I haven’t been super steadfast in this. I never am. I LOVE New Years though. I love the possibilities of starting fresh and having new accomplishments. I also love having a starting point and a finish line. However, I have a severe form of self-diagnosed ADD, however, and it’s hard for me to stay the course on just one resolution at a time. I want to read more, but I also want to write more, but OH! I need to organize my closet. Then I need to donate my clothes to goodwill. Oh, I better go through my kid’s toys. Now another day has gone by without writing a word! Another resolution of mine is to be more organized and plan ahead more. My favorite resolution, because it’s sort of an oxymoron, I want to be more spontaneous! Yes, I laugh at myself for that one. I want to be more organized and plan each day according to what I need to be doing to achieve my goals, but if something fun presents itself to me, I want to jump on it! I want to dive in head first and come back up with more experience and an overall sense of excitement! My life feels a bit boring from time to time, and I need something to shake me up! What are your resolutions?? How are you planning to accomplish them?

life begins at the end of your comfort zone.


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