Dreams becoming realities.

Are you still feeling inspired by the new year? By this point in the year, I believe there are a lot of “resolutioners” starting to fall off the wagon. Of course, with lent happening now, perhaps that’s a time to get back on. I don’t participate in lent but I’m a huge resolutioner. I just love the feeling of a fresh start from new years. I am still carrying on my resolutions, slowly but surely. I joined a gym for the first time ever! I’m loving the classes they offer and the change I’m seeing in my body and more than anything in my spirit. I’ve got more energy and a better outlook on life because I just feel good. I’ve been a bit less social in the blog world lately though. Simply because, exciting things are happening!! I’ve put pen to paper more so far this year than in the past. I feel like I’m really starting to get serious about book writing. I may or may not finish it this year, but my original goal of having a book written by the time I’m 30 (3.5 more years) is looking very good. The most exciting happening as of late is that I’ve joined forces with my friends Jennifer and Kylie and started a book blog! I had thoughts of reviewing some books on here along with some of my ramblings, but I haven’t stayed consistent with it like I needed to. Jennifer and I have been discussing a joint blog venture for YEARS! It is finally becoming a reality. This is very exciting for us! If you’re interested in seeing our reviews and joining the fun (there’s going to be lots of giveaways!) follow us over at http://www.thatbooklife.com !!


*If you work really hard and are kind, amazingĀ things will happen.” -Conan O’Brien


xo – Ashley