Checking in?

I’m checking in for no reason other than I am checking up on myself. My new years resolutions are going slowly. I feel like I’ve lost my “voice” for my book and haven’t finished it yet. I have made progress, so that is good. I’m not sure how to regain my focus though so that is something I am definitely working on.

Saving money was going better for me, but generally that only lasts until something comes up and…. yeah, I’ll get there.

Self-love?? What is such?? Another continual work in progress. 🙂 I feel like we all struggle with this. Week to week we might feel different, this week I might not think much of myself, but next week I might feel better and be in a good place. I’m working toward being in a good place more often than not.

Joy?? I feel like I will know when I find it. Not there yet…

Showing up is a tough one to judge. I am planning a trip to climb a local mountain with my sister this weekend, very very early in the morning. So that counts as showing up right?? We will see 😉

How is everyone else doing on their new years resolutions??


I’ll be back in a few months when I remember to post again 😉 Kidding, I hope. But seeing as my last post was January 4th, it is very possible.

xoxo – Ashley