Book Review- That Boy by Jillian Dodd

This book begins in the present day where Jadyn is on a romantic first date with one of her best friends and he proposes. Actually, it’s a full blown engagement party that he’s thrown. As she walks up to the stage to tell everyone that there is no way she’s going to marry that boy. She begins remembering what led them here to begin with.

Jadyn & Phillip have been friends since birth. They had a beautiful and easy friendship until Danny showed up in 5th grade.

I run outside and walk right up to those stupid boys. I ignore Danny and say to Phillip, “I want to play football with you guys, okay?”

Phillip shrugs his shoulders. Danny steps between us and says to Phillip, “No way .She’ll just end up getting hurt and go bawling home.” “Girls aren’t tough enough to play football.”

I look that Devil Boy in the eye.

Dad told me to teach him a lesson by playing football, but I can see now what I have to do. I cock my arm back and punch that boy right in the stomach. Then I move closer and give him a jab in the face. He falls onto his butt in the grass.

The corner of his lip is bleeding and he’s looking at me with a shocked expression.

“You know what? You just might be tough enough to play football.”

Thus begins the beautiful friendship between the three of them. One boy will give her her first kiss, one will teach her to make out. One boy will be flirty and sexy, the other will talk her to sleep at night. Both boys will love her. Both boys will help her through the toughest times of her life. Only one boy will be the love of her life. Which will it be??

This story was so wonderful! it’s written like a journal…I felt like I was in Jadyn’s head throughout the story. I remembered my feelings falling in love and getting mad at stupid boys and just the feelings I felt throughout high school and what not. This book will bring out the ugly tears, the giggles, the feels.

5 beautiful stars!