Checking in?

I’m checking in for no reason other than I am checking up on myself. My new years resolutions are going slowly. I feel like I’ve lost my “voice” for my book and haven’t finished it yet. I have made progress, so that is good. I’m not sure how to regain my focus though so that is something I am definitely working on.

Saving money was going better for me, but generally that only lasts until something comes up and…. yeah, I’ll get there.

Self-love?? What is such?? Another continual work in progress. 🙂 I feel like we all struggle with this. Week to week we might feel different, this week I might not think much of myself, but next week I might feel better and be in a good place. I’m working toward being in a good place more often than not.

Joy?? I feel like I will know when I find it. Not there yet…

Showing up is a tough one to judge. I am planning a trip to climb a local mountain with my sister this weekend, very very early in the morning. So that counts as showing up right?? We will see 😉

How is everyone else doing on their new years resolutions??


I’ll be back in a few months when I remember to post again 😉 Kidding, I hope. But seeing as my last post was January 4th, it is very possible.

xoxo – Ashley


My New Year’s “Resolutions” for 2016

Let me just start by saying I realize how “cliche” resolutions are and how stupid some people make them out to be. This is all a matter of opinion. Any day of the week, month, or year, I’m liable to start a new “resolution” and that’s okay. If I want to start every single day out saying, “I’m going to start losing weight, today!” good for me! Every successful person started out by trying. You can start 1 day and finish in 365, or you can start over everyday. There is no formula, it’s just whatever makes you feel good about yourself.  Okay? Here we go.

Last week, I did a recap of 2015. It was a fairly exciting year. This year I’m hoping to have even more excitement, just hopefully heavy on the happy variety.

Last year (last month), I basically finished the first draft of my first novel. Then, I decided I wanted to make it alternating POV. Now I’m writing the other half. Which leads to my first resolution – finish my novel and publish it! Since the first half is done, I feel like this is a very reasonable goal.

Otherwise, I would like to be more financially responsible (wouldn’t we all?), embrace some self-love, find my joy, and I would like be a better wife, step mother, sister, friend, co-worker, etc. by showing up. I’m a HUGE Rachel Hollis fan. If you’re not familiar, she’s the owner of The Chic Site. She’s an entrepreneur, a writer, a mother, and a friend. Not necessarily my friend (I wish) but she does exude a friendliness that is worth admiring. She’s had a big campaign lately about showing up in her own life and it has really opened my eyes to the fact that I’m not showing up in the areas of my life that I should. I need to put aside my lists of things to do and my script for like (that no one follows anyway) and be there for those around me. You never know what sort of amazing thing could come from just showing up. 🙂

So there you have it, those are my “resolutions” or goals for the new year.

  • Finish my book
  • Save some money
  • Embrace self-love
  • Find joy
  • Show up

What are your goals or resolutions for the new year?