Thursday Book Review! Mackenzie Fire by Elle Casey

This is the second book in the Shine Not Burn series. If you haven’t read the first one, see my review for it here and come back later! 😉

This is Ian and Candice’s story. Ian is Mack’s younger brother who was set to be married in the first book. His wedding was called off shortly after their eventful trip to Vegas. He’s been carrying around a bitterness about it for the last 3 years. Candice is Andie’s bubbly best friend from Florida. She’s in town to visit and is eager to put Ian in his place for being such a jerk to Andie. Little did she know that this trip to Oregon would send her literally falling on her butt.
Candice and Ian have an amazing chemistry. They try to fight their attraction to each other from the very start in a series of hilarious and unfortunate events. Both will end up wounded and both will fall hard, but there’s no way it will work from Oregon to Florida so Candice is just determined to turn Ian’s life upside down enough so he’ll pull his head out of his butt. Ian is looking for a way out and he just might find it.
Elle Casey has a wonderful way with words. I was hooked from the start on Shine Not Burn and had no doubts that this book would be equally hilarious and wonderful.
My only complaint is that it sort of felt rushed towards the end. Otherwise it was an amazing book. 🙂

4.5 Stars! 🙂



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